Healthcare Budget

What to know about the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT:

1. Some are calling it Obamacare.
2. When you apply, you are applying for a tax credit/subsidy that helps you pay for and afford the health insurance plan monthly premiums.
3. Offers you great savings, as much as 80% or more off the plan premium.
4. Provides for a health plan that includes 10 ESSENTIAL BENEFITS that might otherwise cost more or was not previously offered by the plan.
5. The ACA benefit helps you make sure your family is covered and won’t be devastated by the cost of major health insurance. Or an unexpected trip to the hospital.
6. During OPEN ENROLLMENT you get to choose your health insurance company and coverage with no exclusions for pre-exsisting conditions.
7. Most people don’t think they will qualify or save money
8. Qualifying takes about 5 minutes
Talk to a licensed agent to get a customized plan.
GOOD-LIFE INSURANCE & FINANCIAL SERVICES is here to help you identify and obtain the right coverage and benefits at not cost to you.
Looking forward to assisting you with your health plan needs.
By Ann Collingwood

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